Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wintours LEAP

My second attempt at Wintours. Harness packed the night before! Me, Chris and Dave now heading towards a vertical world of fun and adventure. First up, Surrealist (E1 5b)

Again, my head just wasn't in the right place. After such a long time off, and seeing as the cause of my injury was through falling, I couldn't commit to the simplest of moves. So to clear my head, I just, jumped off. My gear held, surprise surprise, and this was enough for me to proceed. I just need to get some more mileage and get the whole 'You fall, you die!' thing out my head.

Any way, next route: The Jackel (E5 6a). Dave lead the first pitch, and me and Chris joined him at the belay at the base of an overhanging corner. The belay was a little concerning. A rusty old nut with some tat, directly under the detached blocks forming GO wall (Great Overhanging). Dave again, lead up the second pitch, only to be stopped by the crux overhang at the top of the groove. Chris gave it a shot and he too was forced to return to the belay. The day was drawing to an end, the night was rolling in, followed by the rain. I climbed the groove, and lowered off the insitu nut to strip the gear. the moves look hard: crimpy side pulls with long reaches to poor holds, all on an overhanging wall.

Dave and Chris have since been back to try it several more times, and have gradually gotten higher and higher. I'll join them next time :)

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