Monday, 1 April 2013

Three's a crowd...No it's not!

Chris had mentioned that for a while now, the North ridge of Tryfan (I/II) had been on his wish list. So, we decided to head up and do it the next morning. Little did we know the new friend we'll be making today

We set off, making our way up the North Ridge, making it as difficult or as easy as we please. Ahead of us, a lone climber picks his way up towards the summit, still several hundred metres above us. We followed across his tracks then lost sight of him as we headed across to climb a more exciting line. A little while later, we saw the same guy, picking his way up a rocky band above us. We had a quick chat from a distance as he sat and rested then we picked our way up a mixed corner. Our intentions were to find the cannon then head for the summit after that. And soon enough, we found it. With a man sat on the top. Turns out to be the same bloke from earlier who had seen us coming and was waiting for us to take his picture. His name was Dave, and we all had a good chat and took pictures of each other on the end of the stone. We all progress up to the summit together where we sat and drank and had a short rest. I told Dave our plan for the day, heading up over Bristly Ridge, across the Glyders then back to the car and pub, then asked if he'd like to join us. He was delighted, and so off we went, in the direction of Bristly Ridge.

We saw a few guys shy away from the crux chimney, so decided that we'll have a look ourselves to see what it was like. On closer inspection, it looked fine, and so I started to solo up. Now, I was confident in mine and Chris's ability to solo grade II, but having just met Dave, and climbed an awkward step, I wasn't too sure on his ability. So I made a decision to go all Guide mode and rope up. I wrapped the rope around my waist and gave Chris the responsibility of roping up himself and Dave, then carried on up the gully to find a decent belay to bring them both up. All was good and they both followed with no hassle. Although Dave was definatley pleased on the decision! Me and Chris hopped from rock to rock and gracefully progressed up the ridge and Dave just took his time, savoring the moment and the situation.

We exited the ridge onto the summit plateau of the Glyders, where we continued to the summit and ate, drank and smoked in the beautiful Alpine day that was set over Snowdonia. We found the Canterlever, which for me was a very special moment as all the times that I have been on the Glyders, It has always been cloudy and I have never found it. So the pictures were taken, and we continued our decent. We dropped down a spur, opposite to Clogwyn Du where I had been climbing the month previous. And finally back to the car where we invited Dave to the pub. It was a fantastic day, and we all exchanged details and stories over a pint. Thanks Dave and Chris for a brilliant weekend!

Me (left) and Chris on the Canterlever

A few of Dave's pics from our day in the mountains. hope he doesn't mind :)
Chris on the Cannon stone

And me

Crux chimney on Bristly Ridge


Dave on the Canterlever

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