Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ansteys Cove 7c+ !!

Now I'm excited and psyched!! A pretty normal sport climbing day out resulted in me coming home super psyched and happy! here's what happened...

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wintours LEAP

My second attempt at Wintours. Harness packed the night before! Me, Chris and Dave now heading towards a vertical world of fun and adventure. First up, Surrealist (E1 5b)

Wet Cheddar Aid practice

Just a quick post. Me and Chris were intending to head to Cheddar for a few sport routes. However, the weather was against us and the crags were piss wet! So instead, we came to the conclusion that we need to develop some Aid climbing techniques. Armed with a full rack of trad gear, a single sky hook, etires made from quickdraws and slings and a nut key, we started up a 6b sport route.

We managed to aid to the first bolt, and then the wall went blank. No micro wire could be placed as the crack was too small. Deploy the sky hook! it worked, but now we need another... what have we got that is sky hook shaped in our rack?

Answer: A nut key! And amazingly, it worked better than the sky hook, as the sky hook ripped but the nut key held! But that too still wasn't enough to stop chris taking a rather impressive fall when a piece of gear he weighted ripped.

So here's to learning how to aid climb properly, with proper aid gear...

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Rocking the Haytor Lobster

After my last fail forgetting my harness, I was determined to set things right! And so, I set off to Haytor on Dartmoor with Dave and Chris and met up with Pablo at the car park.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Three's a crowd...No it's not!

Chris had mentioned that for a while now, the North ridge of Tryfan (I/II) had been on his wish list. So, we decided to head up and do it the next morning. Little did we know the new friend we'll be making today

Idwal Skills

Just a quick post.

After an amazing day on the black ladders, me and Chris headed over to the other side of the valley and into Idwal. We had a few routes in mind but the only one free at the time of arrival was Chicane Gully (III, 4). Although, there was a team on the second pitch. We waited at the base, gearing up and out of the fall line of the ice they were knocking off! I did contemplate Grecian 2000 at this time, but decided against it for some unknown reason.

Black 'Leash' Ladders

I must admit, I've neglected this blog for the past month or two. After my last winter trip to North Wales of the season, I jetted off to Egypt to visit my girlfriend studying out there. Ever since i got back, I've been pretty busy. So finally I've gotten round to updating it. And so...