Saturday, 15 June 2013

out of Action!!

I geared up below a climb. My first E3 at Fairy Cave Quarry. I scan the rock, looking for clues to break the sequence to success: gear, holds, somewhere for feet, the crux. I'm ready. Balancing delicately up the slab, smearing against the smooth limestone to reach a higher match stick foot hold. I make the good hand hold at 4 metres, then gain a standing position on it. Out to my left is a small weakness in the rock. I manage to arrange a size 0 DMM Brass offset in this crack. The harder I tug, The more it seats the placement. This gives me the courage to climb higher. I step up, gain a hand hold on the concretion at 8m......My smeared foot slips. Held now only by my sapping strength on a small crimp. My body now splayed across the slab, trying to regain control. Every foot hold now turns to ice. Time's up, and I take the plunge. As I slide down the slab, like on a death slide at Crealy, I fall past my only gear. Eyes now fixate upon this marginal life saving piece. I hold my breath, the ground nears, the rope comes tight...

...the micro rips through the placement, I hit the deck. Pain now shoots up my left leg to my knee. I drop to the ground, Knowing full well what has just happened. Chris looks on, shocked by what's just happened. Through the pain I mutter what I don't want to believe myself: "I've broken my leg".

The day has now been ruined, my summer now ruined. But the stubborn person I am, I refuse to believe the obvious. I managed to weight it, but the days climbing was over. I drive home, and drop Chris off, then my girlfriend drives me to hospital to confirm the damage. And so now, sat here in cast, I am waiting. Waiting for winter.

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