Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chard Caves Dry Tooling

I've been desperate to get out winter climbing ever since the first snow fell this season, but have been unable to due to other commitments. And so, after we received our first dusting of snow in Somerset, I dusted off the axes, and headed off to Chard Caves.

Now, before I start a controversial debate on the ethics of dry tooling, Chard caves is a small quarried cave with flint rock outcrops scattered around it. There is no history of climbing here as the rock is wet, chossy and loose. So ideal for a local dry tooling venue.

As a brief post, we set up a few routes but didn't really grade them. We had a chat about the routes and suggested that the main route we tried was probably M5+/M6, and the other M4.

Possible M6 traverse

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