Monday, 19 November 2012

Fingerboard training breakthrough :)

I've seen people using pulley systems to aid them in one handed hangs and pull-ups on fingerboards but haven't been able to set up a system like this...until just now.

I've just discovered that a size 1 DMM 4CU cam fits perfectly into the middle jug of a Beastmaker 2000! So I tried it. I weighted the cam with a sling...and it held...for now. So I have attached a pulley to the sling, threaded a 240cm sling through the pulley with a krab on either end, and attached some weights on the bottom. It works brilliantly! However I have placed a few pillows under the weights in the event that the cam fails. And I also checked whether the cam has dented the hold, and it hasn't too much, nothing to worry about anyway.

So this is my new set up to beast fingerboard sessions and hopefully get stronger for this E5 at Fairy Cave, as well as reaching my goal of redpointing 7b+

Cam and pulley set up

DMM 4CU size 1 cam in central hold

The full set up

Testing out my 'amazing' idea

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